Are You Ready to Crack Down on Cavities with Composite Fillings?

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If you have had an oral setback in the form of a cavity, if left untreated, it can set your entire smile back and even lead to tooth loss. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your teeth. Composite fillings can fix your cavities and provide your smile with the beauty and color it’s accustomed to. Are you ready to crack down on cavities with composite fillings? If so, consider the following:

— If you take excellent care of your composites, they can easily last up to ten years.

— Composite fillings are designed to imitate the natural aesthetics of your teeth.

— Composite fillings are mercury-free, which is a huge benefit for those who may be hypersensitive to mercury.

— Composites do not need to be removed if they go bad, as they can be repaired easily without the need to extract the originals.

— Composite fillings can fill in cavities that are too small for dental amalgams to work effectively.

— Teeth can still suffer breaks and fractures with composites, but because composites are made of a firm, durable resin-based material, they help the teeth become more resistant to damage.

Does your smile currently have cavities that would benefit from our composite dental fillings? If so, and you are ready to get your smile back on track, please call 703-241-0666 today to schedule a visit with your dentist, Dr. Ronald Hauptman or Dr. Bahar Rowhani, to have them repaired. Our team in Falls Church, Virginia looks forward to restoring your beautiful, healthy smile!