Fun Dental Facts

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We at Ronald Hauptman, DDS and Bahar Rowhani, DDS love your smile. That’s why we’ve devoted our careers to dentistry. We’re not the only ones. For thousands of years, humans have been concerned with the health and preservation of their teeth. Here are some fun facts about how dentistry has developed over time:

-The first solid evidence of dentistry is of an ancient infected tooth cleaned with flint medical tools in prehistoric Italy 14,000 years ago.
-In 5000 B.C., an ancient Sumerian text speculated that “tooth worms” are the culprit for tooth decay. This idea wasn’t proven wrong until the 1700s.
-The first toothbrush was invented in 1600 BC by the Chinese. It was made from pig hair and animal bone – a design that lasted thousands of years.
-In the Middle Ages, dentists were called “barbers” and were not only responsible for treating teeth but for basic medical practice and – you guessed it: cutting hair.
-Paul Revere, famous for his epic ride through the night to warn Colonial troops that the British were coming, was also trained by the first dentist to live in America, John Baker. Revere even advertised his services as a dentist in a Boston newspaper.
-In 1776, during the Battle of Breed’s Hill, Paul Revere identified his fallen friend, Dr. Joseph Warren, by examining a bridge he constructed for him. This is the first documented case of post-mortem dental forensics.
-Until the 1880s, toothpaste was sold in powder or liquid form – in boxes, bottles, jars and pots. The invention of the metal toothpaste tube transformed the toothpaste industry.

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