Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Teeth may look completely solid, but actually, the surface of your tooth is porous. The pores in the enamel soak up the pigments from deep-colored foods and drinks, such as red wine or coffee, as well as tobacco products. This absorption can leave your teeth looking discolored.

While commercial whitening products can help reduce stains on the surface of your teeth, they do not affect the stains in the deeper layers of your tooth enamel. These deep stains require professional-grade whitening treatments to remove, often requiring in-office whitening or take-home treatments from your dentist.

If you are battling stubborn dental stains that can’t be removed with retail whitening products, come see our talented dentists, Dr. Ronald Hauptman & Bahar Rowhani. Our team can help safely and effectively whiten your teeth with appropriate techniques and technology. For many patients, Ronald Hauptman, DDS and Bahar Rowhani, DDS offers the professional-grade agents needed to remove years’ worth of deep enamel stains.

After receiving professional whitening treatments, many individuals choose to use a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips that have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance to maintain their white smile. The ADA Seal of Acceptance ensures that the strips or toothpaste will whiten their smile without damaging enamel or gum tissues.

To learn about teeth whitening in Falls Church, Virginia and how you can achieve the bright white smile you’ve always wanted, contact Ronald Hauptman, DDS and Bahar Rowhani, DDS at 703-241-0666 to set up a personal consultation with Drs. Hauptman and Rowhani.