Root Canal Therapy Begins with Laser Dentistry

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Root canal therapy begins with laser dentistry. Laser dentistry has been in use for active dental services for over two decades and continues to be used for more procedures every year. Lasers have not yet been approved by the FDA, but it has been demonstrated to be highly effective with a multitude of dental procedures. For a list of incredible services that lasers can provide assistance for, see the list below:

– For delicate tissue removal used in cancer biopsies, lasers are often used.
– Specialized lights such as lasers can be used to activate gels used in professional whitening kits.
– If a tooth requires a root canal, a laser can be implemented to reshape the gums and clear away any excess tissue in advance.
– Lasers are extremely adept at burning away decay and debris present in cavities so a clean dental filling can be placed.
– If you need canker sores and lesions removed, lasers are a suitable choice.

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