The Importance of a Root Canal

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The importance of a root canal cannot be understated. Root canals are used to remove the pulp from a tooth that has become damaged due to disease or infection. Although the pulp of a tooth, which rests in the root of a tooth is the life force of a tooth, it must be removed if it becomes damaged. Otherwise, the tooth will fail and an extraction will be necessary.

In some cases, the pulp can be removed to prevent future disease and infection from occurring. This is usually the case if a tooth has become damaged from oral accidents and has fractured. The crease in the tooth enamel allows bacteria to enter the root and do harm to the pulp.
In some instances, a tooth may have a minuscule fracture, that if it isn’t sealed, can still allow bacteria to enter.

Cavities can cause damage to the cavity of a root and its pulp. Because cavities are holes in the tooth enamel, if they are left unchecked, they can continue to burrow into a tooth until they reach the root. Teeth that have also undergone multiple dental procedures can also have damaged tooth enamel to the point that the root is exposed, and the pulp should be or needs to be removed.

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