What May Be Causing Your Gingivitis

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Does it seem like you’re continually getting gingivitis? Do you know what could put you at a greater risk of developing a periodontal disease? You may notice that you have gingivitis if you have red or swollen gums that may be tender and bleed easily. However, gingivitis can also be harder to detect as it may not always cause discomfort. Gingivitis, an infection in the gums, can be mild in the beginning stages, but could get progressively worse if it is not properly treated.

Risk Factors
Poor dental hygiene is one of the leading causes of gingivitis. When you practice good dental hygiene, among other things, you can remove plaque from your teeth and gumline. If you don’t, however, plaque could build up and become tartar, which can require our dentists to remove. Plaque, an invisible layer that can grows when sugars and starches mix with the bacteria that is naturally found in your mouth, should be removed regularly as it can reform in 24 hours.

Other risk factors may include:
-Dry mouth
-Certain diseases or medications
-Substance abuse
-Hormonal changes
-Poorly fitting oral restorations
-Tobacco use

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