What to Do When Your Child Hits Their Tooth

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Has your child taken a spill and hit their tooth? If so, our dentists, Drs. Hauptman and Rowhani, are happy to help you handle the situation. There are different things you should do in different situations, and they can assist in every circumstance. Your child deserves a strong and healthy smile, so it’s important to handle the dental emergency properly. Follow the below instructions for the following situations:

-When your child knocks a tooth loose: Call our office to see how to proceed. We might recommend a dental X-ray to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. If everything is OK, you will just need to give your child a soft-foods diet for a few days to allow the tooth to secure itself back into the jawbone.

-When your child knocks a baby tooth out: There is no need to worry. The lost tooth might make eating troublesome and it might affect the speech, but it won’t cause permanent damage. It will soon be replaced by a permanent tooth.

-When your child knocks a permanent tooth out: Call our office and schedule an emergency appointment immediately. Retrieve the tooth (only hold it by the crown) and gently rinse it with water (don’t scrub it). Place the tooth in a cup of saltwater or a cup of milk to keep it alive. Bring it into our office when you come in for your emergency appointment.

Do you have any questions? If so, our dental team in Falls Church, Virginia, is more than happy to help you. All you need to do is reach out to Ronald Hauptman, DDS and Bahar Rowhani, DDS at 703-241-0666. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you the answers you’re looking for!