Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth may look completely solid, but actually, the surface of your tooth is porous. The pores in the enamel soak up the pigments from deep-colored foods and drinks, such as red wine or coffee, as well as tobacco products. This absorption can leave your teeth looking discolored. While commercial whitening products can help reduce stains on the surface of your... read more »

What to Do When Your Child Hits Their Tooth

Has your child taken a spill and hit their tooth? If so, our dentists, Drs. Hauptman and Rowhani, are happy to help you handle the situation. There are different things you should do in different situations, and they can assist in every circumstance. Your child deserves a strong and healthy smile, so it’s important to handle the dental emergency properly.... read more »

Oral Health Advantages: Therapeutic Mouthwash

Did you know that mouthwash is highly effective for providing numerous benefits to your oral health care? However, not all mouthwash products operate the same. Whereas therapeutic mouthwash products are designed to improve your oral health, cosmetic mouthwashes are only designed to temporarily control or reduce bad breath. Thus, it is important to understand which product you are using and... read more »

The Function of Dental Sealants

Have you considered receiving dental sealants for your molars and premolars? Dental sealants can protect your teeth by blocking cavities and acids. Our experienced dental team is pleased to offer dental sealants and will gladly provide further information on how they work. In essence, dental sealants are a clear protective treatment applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth... read more »

Be Careful When Removing Something from Between Your Teeth or Gumline

The tight spaces between your teeth and the soft relationship with the periodontal tissues at the gumline can sometimes prove an effective trap for a tough piece of food. While this is more common with things like meat fibers, seeds, and fruit peels, it can also occur with popcorn hulls, pieces of candy, and other food items. Sometimes a vigorous... read more »

The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Dental Bonding

If you wish to enhance your smile with the help of a cosmetic dentistry treatment, it is important to think about the ramifications it may have. If you have suffered an oral accident or injury that has left you with a chipped or cracked tooth, and you are looking forward to repairing it, make sure a repair is done that... read more »

Will You Be at Risk for Tooth Sensitivity?

Will you ever experience tooth sensitivity? Are you likely to? Knowing the signs can be half the battle, so we've put together this data on tooth sensitivity causes and risk factors for your learning purposes. We hope you enjoy it. When your pearly white's roots are exposed due to receding gum lines prevalent in gum disease or diminished enamel and... read more »

Boost Your Oral Health with Dental Veneers

As the season winds to a close, now is a wonderful time to think about a gift for yourself to improve your smile. Give thanks for everything your smiles do for you by rewarding it with a better aesthetic and a more functional exterior. Even if you have suffered minor damage or malocclusions in the past, treatments such as dental... read more »

Fix Bleeding Gums with These Tips

Some people might notice minor bits of pink in the toothpaste they spit out after brushing. Others notice bleeding as they floss. If you have noticed bleeding gums or blood in your spit after flossing or brushing, you should be cautious: bleeding gums can be a side effect of gum disease or other serious dental conditions. Follow these steps to... read more »